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Dramatis Personae (DP) is an association of roleplayers in World of Warcraft, who come together to create memorable characters and stories on all of WoW's roleplaying servers.

If you received a personal invitation to browse this Web site, it's because one of our members was impressed by your creativity, courtesy, intelligence, and roleplaying ability. You are under no obligation. We just want you to know that we're here for you.

The purpose of dramatis-personae.com is to:

  • Introduce you to Dramatis Personae - where the world's best online roleplayers meet to share ideas and storylines
  • Help you make a character or refine an existing one for quality roleplay in World of Warcraft
  • Give you information about roleplay and how to improve your roleplay skills
  • Provide clear, accurate, properly-cited lore about the history and culture of WoW's Azeroth
  • Connect you to other roleplayers who share your desire for quality online roleplaying